The Foundation Team

You see them each week at Foundation. Learn a little more about Marc & Liz.

Marc Oehler, pastor
Marc & familyMy family helps me come alive. As my ten year old daughter wrote on my most recent Father’s Day card, “You are determined to get your job done so you can play.” That touched my heart because it is my heart’s intention to be present to my life and my family. I also love to take walks early in the morning, hit tennis balls with friends, watch the Yankees or Charlie Rose on television, sing in the car (or when able, in the Foundation band!), and take time to read, reflect, pray, play, and meditate. My calling is to help people attend to the Spirit within and around them and respond more fully, courageously, and joyfully to God’s invitation. i love to help people come alive by inviting and encouraging them to trust the One who wants to lead us to abundant life. i feel blessed to have been led to work that feeds my soul. i look forward to getting to know you.


Liz Junod, associate pastor
IMG_3772Liz aka “minister mom” loves the fact that ministry prepared her for motherhood and motherhood continues to inform her ministry. “What makes me come alive is when I notice the sacred blessedness in the ordinary moments of daily life. Its a gift for me to be able to point those “burning bushes” of God’s presence out to others as a way to help facilitate the journey of faith.